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Book cover for Tools of Titans

Tools of Titans

Author: Tim Ferriss

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Self-improvement

Themes: Body, Mind, Business

Format: Hardcover

Finished: December 27, 2016

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There is certainly a lot of distilled knowledge in the book, but it is much more of a reference guide than something you want to read straight through. The book is organized by person, and each person can cover multiple topics (though there are many single-topic people).

I pick it up and immediately hit the index to look for sections on things in my life that I’m working on. I’ve only read through a whole section once so far when I was interested in the particular person.

What I like most about the book is that it is basically a reference guide to his podcast and the great info he gets out of his guests. I’m pretty selective with his podcast, listening to probably 1 in 5 or 6 episodes. From the ones I’ve listened to and compared to the book, I’d say the book is the bulletpoint version of the podcast, though there may very well be more people in the book than he has had on the podcast.

What I like least about the book is the organization by person, but to defend Tim, organization by topic would have been 20x harder to make and a lot of info would have been contradicting (different guests have different tactics) and some info is best framed by other things a person said/does. So defaulting to search is probably the best bet to maximize your use of this book.

I wish I had gotten it in a Kindle or iBooks version instead of hardcover. In fact, I’m selling my signed hard cover copy I got at the live podcast taping in NYC and buy the ebook instead. This is one book where a good search tool is critical.