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Book cover for Mr. Eternity

Mr. Eternity

Author: Aaron Thier

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Sci-Fi

Themes: Travel, Journey, Indefinite Life

Format: Hardcover

Finished: March 7, 2018

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I loved it.

This is a story told over the span of 1000 years, connected by a single thread: Daniel Defoe. It is a story told from different perspectives in 2016, 1560, 2200, 1750, and 2500. It is all really the same story with different people playing the roles over and over at different points in time. The stories weave through each other’s across time and eventually all blend together.

The story is that of Daniel Defoe searching for Anna Gloria. Defoe might be a madman, a huckster, or genuine, but he is himself. Each story has its own nuggets of wisdom to impart. They make you stop and think about your own place in the world, which role you are playing, and who you are (yourself.)