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Book cover for Giants' Star

Giants' Star

Author: James P Hogan

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Sci-fi

Themes: Space travel, Evolution, Aliens

Format: Paperback

Finished: May 30, 2017

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Classic sci-fi is my guilty pleasure. I absolutely love it. So when a Praxis participant recommended James P. Hogan to me, I filed it away in my mind. A week or two later I was working in a coffee shop in Peekskill, NY, on a rainy Saturday afternoon with Amanda. When it was time to leave and get dinner, we decided to pop into a used bookstore that we hadn’t explored before. They had a giant classic sci-fi section, so I started scanning for interesting names and titles. I remember the Hogan recommendation and was excited to see one of his books on the shelf. It was Giants’ Star, which happened to be the third book in a series. I didn’t care. I had to read it.

I cracked it open later that night when we got home and was hooked from the beginning. In the first two books of the series, the human race discovered some fascinating news about its origins, met an ancient race of beings lost in space time due to a ship malfunction, then thought the beings were gone for good when they left abruptly after learning that their kind likely migrated a few solar systems away. Then mankind learned that it was being watched by a different set of beings orbiting a distant star. That is where this book picks up. I won’t ruin it for you! You must read it.

Hogan’s books are meticulously researched. He has an engineering background. The theories he uses and the logical jumps he makes are plausible and deeply rooted in established science. Isaac Asimov called it pure scientific fiction. I think this falls into the realm of what I call plausible sci-fi. The only thing far-fetched is the giant race of aliens, but the book wouldn’t be sci-fi without that!

This book stands on its own. It is better if you’ve read the first two (which I did after reading this one), but the prologue catches you up pretty well.