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Book cover for Ghost in the Wires

Ghost in the Wires

Author: Kevin Mitnick

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Autobiography

Themes: Hacking, Social engineering

Format: Audiobook

Finished: June 26, 2018

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I enjoyed the stories in this book of Kevin’s exploits. Things like this open the door to how insecure we really are and how people are the weakest link.

As a kid who was curious and did stuff on the computer, with lab computers, and with teacher computers just to see if I could, I resonate a lot with Kevin Mitnick. I never had the determination he had to keep going, but there is certainly shared ground.

If you are interested at all in hacking or social engineering, you’ll love this book. Even if you aren’t, the stories are full of suspense and pull you in. Amanda listened to this in the car with me for an hour and got interested enough that she wanted to listen to the rest of it on her own.