Day 163 – Guest Post

June 12, 2009

Unfortunately, Chuck is MIA today, so the Nonarchist will be filling in for him today and tomorrow in order to keep Project 365 alive.

I have posted some comments here on the CAG Blog in the past, always signing as the Nonarchist, but I figure in the interest of full disclosure, I will reveal myself (don’t cover your eyes, I didn’t mean it like that). My name is Joe, and I have been a friend of Chuck’s for 4+ years now as a former coworker and fellow freedom lover. Chuck and I have had many a discussion on the vast benefits of a free society, and I hope we have many more in the years to come.

My life isn’t nearly as interesting as Chuck’s, so I will leave it at that for now. One more post from me tomorrow, and you will be back to your regularly scheduled programming on Sunday. Thanks for reading.


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