Day 82 – Time to Pay the Piper

March 23, 2009

Short post today. I wanted to put a photo of these nice flowers on my blog to have something nice to look at when I open the page.

Right now I am having a severe motivation problem. It is time to pay the piper for doing little work over spring break. I have a decent amount of work and studying to do in the next week and it is getting to the point where I know I have to do it, and I know I am going to, but the joy of doing it is not there. I just need to keep a positive outlook, though, and I will get through it just fine like I always do.

A side note, I am really grateful for the wonderful friends, family, and professors I have. They inspire me to keep a positive outlook and are great role models for me and everyone else around. Here is a thank you to all of you. I may not always (if ever, unfortunately) show my gratitude. I will try from now on to do that. Even though I do not show my gratitude, however, I still do care about, admire, and greatly appreciate all you do. I am not very good at showing it most of the time, but know I do care.

Again, Thank you.

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