Day 40 – Math Problem

February 9, 2009

When I was in South Haven, I went to a used book store and bought a “Mathematical Games” book. It had all kinds of neat math games to play with shapes and simple everyday objects such as matches. There were riddles in the back of the book and one intrigued me. Let’s see if the people who read my blog can get it:

“A stranger walked into the local sweet shop and bought chocolates for six shillings. He paid with a ten-shilling note, which they could not change, and so the shopkeeper went next door to the tobacconist, who was able to change the note for him. The shopkeeper returned with the change, gave the four shillings change to the stranger, who then left. The tobacconist returned the next day with the note, which turned out to be counterfeit. The owner of the sweet shop was obliged to give him his ten shillings back. How much did the sweet shop lose altogether? Explain.”

It is not a trick question, there is a solution. Give your answer and provide support. I will post the answer in a few days in the comments.

    • *My day today was wonderful.  I got up at 7 a.m. and went to the sports complex to exercise, took a shower, then had time for breakfast before class. It felt great! I was awake and had lots of energy without drinking caffeine. I plan on doing that a few days a week. I expect to have more energy overall and sleep better (that is what people say exercising does for you). Also, it was a wonderful day outside here and people are cheerful because of it. It was overall just a pleasant day today.</p>

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