Day 38 – Clever Snowmen

February 7, 2009

A few people here at Hillsdale had extra time on their hands and made Calvin and Hobbes-esque snowmen outside of the student union.


There were some clever designs. There were four protesters with signs that read: “Extend Snowman Life!! Impose Global Warming Tax!”, “Support Coal Stimulus” (held by a snowman with only one coal eye), “Snowman casualities too high in Iraq; Bring our boys HOME!”, and “S.A.K.E. – Snowmen Against Keynesian Economics”. There was also a big snowman with a “Snowmen Crossing” sign and four little snowmen crossing the sidewalk.


Other than taking pictures of snowmen, I have been working on my CCA paper, reading, and working on math today. These things will probably continue through tomorrow as well. 


Click the photos to view large versions.

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