Day 303 – Spring Semester’s Schedule

October 30, 2009

It is time to schedule classes for next semester!

After talking to a few professors, friends, and my advisor, I finally worked out my schedule for next semester, The number after the class name denotes the number of credits it is worth:

Symbolic Logic (3)

Theory of Probability (3)

Sophomore Math Seminar (1)

Intro to Philosophy (3)

Intermediate Macroeconomics (3)

Austrian Economics II (3)

Philosophy and Literature in Comics (1)

I think I am most excited about Logic, Probability, and Austrian II. In Austrian II, we read through and discuss Mises’s Human Action in a small group. The math seminar will focus on proof writing, oral presentations, literature research, and using programs like Mathematica to enhance our math skills. It is geared for math majors/minors. As of right now, I am working on a math and economics double major.

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