I am a NY-based web developer, tech consultant, photographer, and food lover. When I’m not online, I prefer being outside when possible and reading when it is not.

I blog about food and drink over at Cook Like Chuck and I co-host Snack Time with Sean Nelson. I’m the CTO at Praxis, an education startup. I used to work at eResources and The Foundation for Economic Education.

My three favorite bands are Underworld, Tycho, and A Tribe Called Quest.

My posting activity

The code for this is available on GitHub.

Places I’ve Visited

I travel quite a bit, both for work and fun. If you want to get coffee with me somewhere, let me know! I love meeting new people and learning new things.

Map requirements: I must have had a destination in that city or stayed there overnight. If I only traveled through the airport, it is in the airports (yellow) layer.