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3 Ways to Use Your HBO Subscription 

July 3, 2017

If you are like me, you just rebooted your HBO subscription in order to watch the new Game of Thrones season. Here are three great shows you can watch Monday through Saturday:


July 5, 2017

I was having trouble connecting to my Karma Go device on my iPad. Wasn’t auto connecting to the website to authenticate. So I tried the old trick (happened to be the device’s IP) and it worked!

Three Weeks with the 10.5” iPad Pro

July 5, 2017

I bought the 10.5” iPad Pro the day it was announced and received it the following Monday. My old Gen 3 iPad didn’t support multitasking, Touch ID, iOS 10, or True Tone. Basically nothing that makes an iPad awesome for work. It was getting pretty slow and desperately needed an upgrade. I’m super happy with the new iPad Pro. Here’s what I love about it after the first three weeks of use:


July 8, 2017

Garden garlic! 👨‍🌾


July 18, 2017



July 27, 2017

They used to make elevators here. Now it is where they make NYC’s subway cars.


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